Krista Nicole Miller. 18. SUNY New Paltz student. I hate writing bios, and you're probably gonna make your own assumptions about me anyway. Have a marvelous day.


New tumblr. I never go on this one. thedoctorisabamf is my new URL (it was my old one)

I didn’t really go through and follow anyone so if you think I forgot you (I probably did) then just message me. Or just follow me and I might follow back if I remember. Yeah. Okay. Bye from this blog. 

I missed being up at school :)

I missed being up at school :)

Tiger. Tiger. Now with bears! This is what happens when me and Lauren are in GameStop with a lot of people that actually like video games.

@pocahomo and I are roasting our fruit snacks over a candle.

@pocahomo and I are roasting our fruit snacks over a candle.





Of course Lincoln got shot he was 6’4” and wearing a top hat in a theater if I was sitting behind him I’d shoot him too

Too soon

It happened like 28 years ago thats plenty of time

you’re off by a few years there





It’s okay kitten, I too have been that drunk


infomercial kitten.

why is no-one willing to sell him a special kitten straw for $19.95

persistence is key

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Australian photographer Lisa Tomasetti has worked as a visual artist and film stills photographer for the past 23 years. Her eye for cinematic drama comes through in her dance photography, a collection of images in which she is able to capture the beautiful elegance of ballet dancers set against the more rough, gritty urban city streets of Paris, Tokyo, and New York.

Dressed in leotards, tutus, and satin point shoes, her subjects gracefully pose in a variety of classic ballet positions including the grand jeté and the arabesque penchée. Tomasetti places the dancers in the most unexpected environments, and, as they achieve splits in mid air and delicately balance on one toe, viewers experience a visual juxtaposition of classic elegance and refinement, set in front of the roughness of street corners, subway stations, and bustling shopping districts.

I wish I was a cupcake. All they do is get baked, get frosting licked off of them, and get eaten [out].


Opinions are like orgasms, most girls aren’t taught that it is okay to have their own and are only expected to further men’s.

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Autocorrect needs to calm the hell down

 I typed it on caps lock once and it won’t go back